Our Story and Mission

On March 10, 2017 our 3 month old daughter, Eleanor Paige, was diagnosed with Stage 4S Neuroblastoma. Our hearts were broken and forever changed. In a matter of moments, life became uncertain and dreams were placed on hold. This began the fight for our daughter’s life. We soon called her our Warrior Princess. She was our princess with the strength of a warrior. Eleanor went through hospital stays, time in the pediatric ICU, surgery, chemotherapy. We are so thankful that today Eleanor is cancer free and thriving.

A few months after Eleanor was diagnosed, on June 2, 2017, our dear friends Jamie and Al Franzini’s 11 year old son Anthony was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor; DIPG. Anthony fought hard for 4 months, keeping his faith in the Lord. One day he even told his parents, “I am going to fight this tumor like a boss.” Anthony did fight like a boss. He loved life and had many dreams and aspirations to fulfill. On October 5, 2017, cancer took Anthony’s life. Anthony’s parents, brother, and sister were left without a son and a brother. Through Anthony’s diagnosis and cancer battle, his family trusted in God. Even in the unbearable loss of Anthony’s passing, his family continues to trust in God and relies in the hope of one day getting to see their son again. They are now advocates for childhood cancer and support other families going through the same battle in honor of their son Anthony Reese Franzini.

It didn’t take long after Eleanor and Anthony were diagnosed with cancer for ours hearts to feel burdened to help other families battling pediatric cancer. It was our desire to not only help them financially but to also encourage families through this trying time while showing the hope and love of God. Our faith is a main factor in what has sustained us through this journey, and our hope and prayer is that the Warrior Kids Foundation can help other families whose children are battling pediatric cancer.

Like many, before our child was diagnosed with cancer we were unaware and blinded to the world of pediatric cancer. A world where pediatric cancer research is under-funded, parents are having to quit their jobs, become financially burdened, and are willing to sacrifice it all to save their child. Sadly, even after all the sacrifice, they sometimes still lose their child. Our prayer is that you will join us in our mission to support families in the battle against childhood cancer.


Sarah and Scott Stephens

Mom and Dad of a Pediatric Cancer Warrior Kid

President and Vice President of Warrior Kids Foundation

Warrior Princess Eleanor at a Dr. Appointment for her Cancer Treatment
Warrior Princess Eleanor at a Dr. Appointment for her Cancer Treatment
Anthony Reese Franzini before his diagnosis.
Anthony Reese Franzini before his diagnosis.
Anthony stayed in good spirits throughout his treatment.
Anthony stayed in good spirits throughout his treatment.

The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. Psalms 24:8

Living with hope and inspired to love.

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Two twin baby girls are playing together and hugging at daycare.
happy and smiling little girl has lost her hair from chemotherapy for cancer, looking up with copy space

100% of proceeds

goes to pediatric cancer families

Offering hope, love & prayers

to each and every family


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